Terataii offers on-site talks, workshops and courses as well as training sessions that can form part of your own larger training exercises.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Working calmly and with mutual respect between colleagues. Preparing for important meetings and other interactions. 

Embracing Change

For all staff: Accept and embrace change to perform effectively in a fast-changing corporate environment. Learn to see the opportunities change offers you. Also learn quick and effective techniques to manage the stress that often accompanies change.

For team leaders: Embrace change yourself and help your team members accept it with minimum resistance and maximum acceptance.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Techniques to quickly calm yourself before a crucial meeting, ways of avoiding or releasing stress, developing a positive attitude for stress-free living.

Work-Life Balance

Life is all about balance. Finding a good balance at work as well as between work and the rest of your life. 

Meditation and Mindfulness for Calmness and Focus

Easy meditative techniques anyone can learn, simple mindfulness
exercises to develop a focused mind.

Interpersonal Communication

Effective and constructive ways to communicate even in difficult situations and in a multi-cultural environment.

Some Clients:

Credit Suisse

DP Dental - Mindfulness Practice for staff

Grundfos - Personal Change Management for Regional HR Managers

UN Women - Meditation for Project Inspire Finalists 2016

Play Acting Productions - Meditation for Staff

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) - Meditatoin for Staff


The Trainer

Before setting up the Terataii Centre, Pamposh worked for many years for the corporate sector and development agencies in journalism, public communication and training.

She has personally conducted training workshops, ranging from 15 participants to over a hundred, in change management, communication, and gender awareness. She also worked for six years as a training coordinator for the United Nations World Food Programme.