Lessons from the Coronavirus

Lessons from Coronavirus

I wish we did not have to learn these lessons in this dreadful way; but let us learn them now. Let us not wait for an even more dreadful delivery system.

I am going to list a few lessons I am learning – I invite you to add more lessons too, in your comments to this blog.


  • One People. We are all in this together. If I am exposed to the virus, it can affect my family members, my colleagues, my clients, and anyone I pass in the street! So wake up and see that we are all connected!
  • One Planet. As a family of human beings and all the creatures we share our planet with, we all have but this one home. Unless you are ready to move to another planet, which may be hostile to life as you know it, start nourishing Mother Earth NOW. Think of a few ways you can personally nourish this, our home. There is a saying in Hindi: boond-boond se sagar. Every drop makes the ocean. Let’s all do what we can.
  • Be flexible. We cannot carry on living on auto pilot. We have been forced to change the way we live and we work. Don’t just change your behaviour when you are told to – change the way you think, find innovative ways to continue to live well in changed circumstances. That includes offering support to others – in whichever way you can. As examples: I am offering free meditation, and free healing energies sent to several people at once. To my clients, I am now offering distance Reiki and Net-based counselling and coaching sessions.
  • Slow down. We have been moving along at break-neck pace, without time to truly nourish ourselves and connect to our nearest and dearest. A woman friend told me yesterday it was lovely to have her husband at home instead of travelling 3 weeks out of 4. Her two daughters nodded in agreement. Find time for yourself and your loved ones. Slow down and think of the most important people in your life. Make time for them.
  • Be patient. It is an art we have all but lost. But in difficult times, it is essential. Being patient does not mean we do not take action – we do. But we take action that is helpful, ourselves or others, or useful to the world. And when we find ourselves in a situation which we just have to bear, we bear it patiently. When others panic, we are patient with them – we offer them a kind word or a smile. When we give in to fear or worry, we are patient with ourselves, too, while we try to get ourselves back to an even keel.
  • Use technology – mindfully! It’s time to put technology to good purpose. It is time to stop running after the latest gadget and downloading software only because it is available. Instead of letting technology rule our lives, we now have an opportunity to mindfully choose what works best for us – and use that. I am using the Zoom platform, for example, to reach out to people with guided meditations. I am also calling – yes, voice calling – family and friends to stay connected in a way I can’t connect when I send them a text message. It is good to hear the actual voice of someone you care about – and offer them the same sort of connection too.
  • Stay calm. Calmness is great at all times. It is essential in difficult times! You cannot learn from a crisis, adapt to that crisis and continue to live well – without calmness. As you spend more time at home, carve out some time for yourself. Or do something calming together with your family, such as a group meditation or listening to soothing music everyone enjoys. Or anything else that calms you. If you would like to join weekly online meditations, by yourself or with your family, please use the information below.


Weekly online meditations guided by Pamposh Dhar, on Zoom every Thursday in April from 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Singapore time (GMT + 8 hours). Meeting ID: 957 215 412.

(You will need to have Zoom downloaded on your device beforehand. You can get it for free at


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