Mindful Living – for Children 8-15

MINDFUL LIVING (ONLINE) for Children 8-15 years old

A fun, interactive program to train the children to be calm, focused, self-aware; to manage difficult emotions; and to make considered choices.
The program will include mindfulness practices (non-religious meditations); stories; and discussions.

4 sessions, 1 hour each, on Zoom.

Dates: Dec 18 and 22; and Jan 5 and 8 (Fridays and Tuesdays, with a break for Christmas and New Year)
Time: 11 a.m. to 12 noon Singapore time. 
Cost: SGD 50 (for all 4 sessions).

I am happy to offer one make-up session if a child is forced to miss a session.

Email to register your child.


FEEDBACK on previous programs


RM, 8: “It is really fun and relaxing. We get to learn how to do different stuff in life and how to manage and take care of ourselves.”

AK, 8: “I really like attending the mindfulness sessions. They leave me feeling very relaxed and calm.”

RR, 8: “I think it’s a fun class and we get to learn a lot of new things. It’s very calming and relaxing.”

KR, 13: “I enjoy the breathing exercises and learning how to think positively.”



  1. Mindfulness is a quality that is so important now-a-days.

Planting these seeds and teaching children how to manage themselves is something Pamposh helps them do.

The classes are engaging and true to life, both my girls aged 13 and 8 enjoy them thoroughly. My 13-year-old, after one of the classes, said Aunty Pamposh had some really good ideas in relation to a topic they had spoken on and my 8-year-old looks forward to every week since she started.

I would definitely recommend the classes as a way to help our kids manage themselves.

2.  My 8-year-old loved it. She couldn’t stop sharing how much fun she had.

      3.  My daughter never wants the classes to stop!

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