Short Retreat: Sun, May 19

One-day Retreat: PAUSE AND RESET
Create a peaceful pause in your busy life; and reset for a calm you in the months to come
Sunday, 19 May 2024 – Singapore, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A short retreat in a small group to help you relax, find peace and set the reset button on life! The Wisdom talk in this retreat will focus on finding – and following – your calling, your purpose.

This second Terataii retreat of 2024 brings you a few different techniques of meditation, including mantra meditation and a practice focused on deepening love; a deeply relaxing visualisation in nature; using the breath to quickly calm yourself; mindfulness practices to immediately bring your attention back to the here and now; and a wisdom talk.

The wisdom talk will focus on the ancient Indian concept of svadharma, the purpose of your life; and will link this to the Japanese concept of Ikegai as your calling.

The retreat will include a satvik lunch – light and nourishing, ideal for a day of meditation and mindfulness.

A note on seating: for the sitting meditation practices, you can choose to sit on a cushion on the floor or on a chair, whichever is more comfortable for you. You can also switch between the two for different practices. Be comfortable, so that you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the retreat without being disturbed by your own discomfort!

Feedback from the last Terataii retreat:

  • “Thanks so much… I was at peace.”
  • “Really enjoyed the retreat and also the amazing lunch that was so light and nourishing. (The retreat) helped me reconnect to myself and take some time off.”

Your Retreat Leader:

Pamposh Dhar heals the body, mind and spirit through guided meditations, Reiki healing sessions, counselling and life coaching. Among her areas of strength are helping you to become a calmer, more peaceful person; deal with loss and grief; and set a new direction for your life. Pamposh also teaches Reiki as a healing modality upto and including Reiki Master’s level. In addition, she teaches the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita.


Full Cost: $140; EARLY BIRD PRICE (until 30 April): $120. Limited spaces, so do register early!

To register, please email or whatsapp 8218-3950. 

Cancellation Policy: For cancellation by 11 a.m. on 16 May, you will receive credit at the Terataii Centre for the full amount you have paid; for cancellation by 11 a.m. on 17 May, you will receive half credit (ie. half the amount you have paid); for less than 48 hours notice, there will be no credit.   Your credit at Terataii can be used to offset part or all of the cost of: a private session of counselling, coaching, meditation, or Reiki healing; or a Reiki course (at Level 1 or 2).

Terataii’s short retreats are designed to help you:

  • connect to your own inner-most Self;
  • practise healing, calming and uplifting meditations;
  • reset yourself for peace and joy;
  • learn from the world’s wisdom traditions.

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