Reiki for Beginners

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At a time when both our physical and mental well-being is under threat, learn to channel positive, life-affirming energy to yourself and others.
Learn to channel healing, strengthen, positive energy to yourself and others – and see your world fill with love and light! The course will also bring your chakras (energy centres) into better balance, help you release old and new negativities, and fill you will light and pure energy.
In the words of previous Reiki students at Terataii:
“It was fascinating and eye-opening for me, a real insight into new ways of thinking about the way we live and interact with others and the universe.”
“It was an amazing experience for me and I truly enjoyed myself. Pam is amazing and she managed to guide us through the whole class with her clear instructions.”
“Pam, I think you are also a great teacher. I seriously enjoyed the tone, pacing and patience with which you led the sessions. All questions were allowed and you were very reassuring with your comments and views.”