Mindful Children

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Give your child the gift of mindfulness in 2021! Sign them up to a program that will bring calmness, emotional balance, self-assurance and more. And your child will love it! ONLINE sessions once a week. Saturday mornings or Monday afternoons. “I think it’s a fun class and we get to learn a lot of new things. It’s very calming and relaxing.”


In-Person and Online Programs

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As Singapore slowly and cautiously opens up, so does the Terataii Centre. But 2020 showed us the possibilities of online courses – reaching people conveniently in their homes anywhere in the world. So I offer you a mix of online and in-person programs in 2021.
Reiki, meditation, mindfulness for children…. To come later in the year: lessons from the Bhagavad Gita as well as more Reiki courses.
As you start a new year, give yourself the gift of a Reiki healing session or set out your goals for the coming year with a coaching session.
Give your child the gift of mindfulness, to bring them calmness, self-assurance, emotional mastery….
Please check the Events section of this website for details of each program.
Or get in touch with Pamposh via the contact form, also on this website.