Calmness, Care, Compassion

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An online event to help you nourish yourself and thrive through the most difficult of times. Led by Meditation Teacher & Holisitic Healer Pamposh Dhar; former Civil Servant, Urban Gardener & Cancer Survivor Snimer Kaur Sahni; and Reiki Healer & Dreamer Firoza Mehrotra.
All proceeds will go to support an innovative project designed to provide Internet access to Indian children from underprivileged families so that they continue their education at a time when schools are closed and classes offered online.


A New Reality

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Let us not be in a rush to go back to the “old normal” – even when we can. Let us instead move into a better reality, where we look after our minds and spirits as well as our bodies; where we recognise that as human beings we are all connected; and where we use this understanding to build a more united, a more harmonious world.