Pamposh’s Journey to Self Discovery

For many years, I was very happy to be a journalist and public communication specialist. Then, suddenly, the beautiful energy of Reiki entered my life. Meditation, mindfulness and counselling followed.

That was truly the start of my journey to self-discovery. But perhaps everything that went before led me to each stage of the journey. My communication skills come in useful in everything I do today: counselling, healing, teaching Reiki and mindfulness. My Indian heritage and my Western education combine to bring me a beautiful perspective on life, spiritual and practical at the same time. And the opportunity to live in 9 countries on 3 continents has truly broadened my horizons and also taught me to connect to people from different cultural backgrounds.

So the ground may have been prepared much earlier for the work I do today. But it was Reiki and meditation that transformed my life and brought me so much peace, even in difficult times, that I felt I had to share these amazing gifts with others.

Unfold Your Highest Potential with Terataii

Being fortunate enough to have found a measure of inner peace and inner stability in my own life, I now do my best to help others find these treasures for themselves, through personal, corporate and school programs.

– Terataii founder Pamposh Dhar

What We Offer

Personal Coaching
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Reiki – Healing Sessions and Courses
  • Counselling & Coaching

Corporate Coaching
  • Meditation Programs
  • Embracing Change
  • Mindfulness Workshops

School Coaching
  • Living with Awareness
  • Finding Focus through Mindfulness
  • Making Conscious Choices

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Corporate Coaching – Mindfulness

After a mindfulness workshop: “My office invited Pamposh to conduct a mindfulness workshop on Wednesday, and as usual, she conducted the session beautifully!!! Touched many hearts and minds! If your office is organising a corporate retreat, I would strongly recommend considering a mindfulness… Read more “Corporate Coaching – Mindfulness”

Wileeza Gapar
Ministry of Law, Government of Singapore

Corporate Coaching – Meditation

At the end of a meditation session, part of a 6 week program at an international bank: “I felt the room was overwhelmed with positive energy and the feedback I received (from the rest of my team) was… Read more “Corporate Coaching – Meditation”

Alex Bouchardy

Corporate Coaching – Mindfulness

After a mindfulness workshop: “We had an insightful 2 hours and not only came away feeling refreshed, Pamposh also created a fantastic sense of camaraderie among the… Read more “Corporate Coaching – Mindfulness”

Sangeeta Nambiar
Play Acting Drama Centre

Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing

After distance healing for a 19-month-old who was hospitalized after falling, head first, from a second floor balcony onto a concrete surface on the ground: “Thanks so much.  Somehow something amazing must have occurred last night/today because Andrew is now out of the ICU (intensive care unit).  The doctors really were amazed at his recovery… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing”

Andrew’s aunt

Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing

After 6 sessions of Reiki: “The cysts in my breasts have shrunk from 20 to 12, and the biggest of them has shrunk in… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing”


Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing

After a half-day meditation workshop and a single session of Reiki: “I have premature ventriculation contraction (PVC), which means my heart skips beats. It used to skip 2 beats per minute, but after the meditation and Reiki this changed to only 1 skipped beat in 5… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing”


Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning

After the Reiki Level 1 course: “I am discovering a world I never knew… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning”


Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning

After the Reiki Level 1 course: “Amazing! At first I was sceptical, but the Level 1 Reiki course totally changed my perspective. The experience is beyond… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning”

Tarannum Syed

Personal Coaching – Meditation

“Pamposh exudes peace and contentment and is such a fine example of what meditation can do to help us find self-love and a feeling of freedom and joy at any given moment – simply as a matter of CHOICE in the now, in each… Read more “Personal Coaching – Meditation”

Elizabeth Lake

Personal Coaching – Meditation

“A very enjoyable exploration into a variety of meditation techniques. Excellent for the novice as well as a more practiced… Read more “Personal Coaching – Meditation”

Natalie Turner
Founder, Women Who Lead

Personal Coaching – Meditation

“I wanted to thank you for the lovely meditation getaway last weekend. It centered me immensely, and opened my mind and heart…. left me with a beautiful calmness …. and allowed me to grieve and… Read more “Personal Coaching – Meditation”

KCB, who was better able to come to terms with the loss of her mother

Coaching for Children

After a mindfulness program: “I learnt how to focus, how to be calm, and to see and find value in people and… Read more “Coaching for Children”

Kartik Iyer, 10

Personal Coaching – Counselling

From a client who had been suicidal: “You have brought me back from the… Read more “Personal Coaching – Counselling”

Personal Coaching – Counselling

After a powerful counselling session: “I feel like you just lifted 40 bricks off my… Read more “Personal Coaching – Counselling”

Personal Coaching – Counselling

From a client who had struggled to cope for a long time: “I learnt more in one session with you than I had in 4 years of counselling with other… Read more “Personal Coaching – Counselling”

Personal Coaching – Distance Reiki Healing

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great distance reiki session yesterday. As you correctly pointed out, I was pretty stressed but I found the session helpful and a great release. I spent the first few minutes wondering if anything was happening at all, but very quickly found doubts allayed by an overwhelming feeling of… Read more “Personal Coaching – Distance Reiki Healing”

Vivek Prakash

Group Meditation (Online)

Thank you, Pamposh. The rainforest and rain was a beautiful meditation. I really enjoyed our session… Read more “Group Meditation (Online)”


Group Meditation (Online)

Thank you so so much for that fantastic meditation session. I can’t tell you how good it made me feel. I was in fact so overwhelmed that I could not even speak. You are indeed GREAT. Looking forward to the next session on… Read more “Group Meditation (Online)”

Firoza Mehrotra

Group Meditation (Online)

All four of us were there Pamposh (in Singapore). It was amazing! My Mom joined in from Hyderabad and another friend from Mumbai. Everybody said that they felt very relaxed and light by the end of it. Thanks again for doing… Read more “Group Meditation (Online)”

Jyotsna Lakhamraju

Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning (Full Testimonial)

From Shamla Ramasamy: I had the privilege of embarking on a truly enlightening and transformative journey under the guidance of Pamposh sensei, for my Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3. From the moment I stepped into sensei’s serene healing space, I felt an instant connection and an overwhelming sense of positivity and calmness. Pamposh sensei’s… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning (Full Testimonial)”



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