Pamposh’s Journey to Self Discovery

For many years, I was very happy to be a journalist and public communication specialist. Then, suddenly, the beautiful energy of Reiki entered my life. Meditation, mindfulness and counselling followed.

That was truly the start of my journey to self-discovery. But perhaps everything that went before led me to each stage of the journey. My communication skills come in useful in everything I do today: counselling, healing, teaching Reiki and mindfulness. My Indian heritage and my Western education combine to bring me a beautiful perspective on life, spiritual and practical at the same time. And the opportunity to live in 9 countries on 3 continents has truly broadened my horizons and also taught me to connect to people from different cultural backgrounds.

So the ground may have been prepared much earlier for the work I do today. But it was Reiki and meditation that transformed my life and brought me so much peace, even in difficult times, that I felt I had to share these amazing gifts with others.

Unfold Your Highest Potential with Terataii

Being fortunate enough to have found a measure of inner peace and inner stability in my own life, I now do my best to help others find these treasures for themselves, through personal, corporate and school programs.

– Terataii founder Pamposh Dhar

What We Offer

Personal Coaching
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Reiki – Healing Sessions and Courses
  • Counselling & Coaching

Corporate Coaching
  • Meditation Programs
  • Embracing Change
  • Mindfulness Workshops

School Coaching
  • Living with Awareness
  • Finding Focus through Mindfulness
  • Making Conscious Choices

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Corporate Coaching – Mindfulness

After a mindfulness workshop:
“My office invited Pamposh to conduct a mindfulness workshop on Wednesday, and as usual, she conducted the session beautifully!!! Touched many hearts and minds! If your office is organising a corporate retreat, I would strongly recommend considering a mindfulness workshop.”

Wileeza Gapar
Ministry of Law, Government of Singapore

Corporate Coaching – Meditation

At the end of a meditation session, part of a 6 week program at an international bank:
“I felt the room was overwhelmed with positive energy and the feedback I received (from the rest of my team) was excellent.”

Alex Bouchardy

Corporate Coaching – Mindfulness

After a mindfulness workshop:
“We had an insightful 2 hours and not only came away feeling refreshed, Pamposh also created a fantastic sense of camaraderie among the team.”

Sangeeta Nambiar
Play Acting Drama Centre

Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing

After distance healing for a 19-month-old who was hospitalized after falling, head first, from a second floor balcony onto a concrete surface on the ground:
“Thanks so much.  Somehow something amazing must have occurred last night/today because Andrew is now out of the ICU (intensive care unit).  The doctors really were amazed at his… Read more “Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing”

Andrew’s aunt

Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing

After 6 sessions of Reiki:
“The cysts in my breasts have shrunk from 20 to 12, and the biggest of them has shrunk in size.”


Personal Coaching – Reiki Healing

After a half-day meditation workshop and a single session of Reiki:
“I have premature ventriculation contraction (PVC), which means my heart skips beats. It used to skip 2 beats per minute, but after the meditation and Reiki this changed to only 1 skipped beat in 5 minutes.”


Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning

After the Reiki Level 1 course:
“I am discovering a world I never knew existed!”


Personal Coaching – Reiki Learning

After the Reiki Level 1 course:
“Amazing! At first I was sceptical, but the Level 1 Reiki course totally changed my perspective. The experience is beyond words.”

Tarannum Syed

Personal Coaching – Meditation

“Pamposh exudes peace and contentment and is such a fine example of what meditation can do to help us find self-love and a feeling of freedom and joy at any given moment – simply as a matter of CHOICE in the now, in each moment.”

Elizabeth Lake

Personal Coaching – Meditation

“A very enjoyable exploration into a variety of meditation techniques. Excellent for the novice as well as a more practiced meditator.”

Natalie Turner
Founder, Women Who Lead

Personal Coaching – Meditation

“I wanted to thank you for the lovely meditation getaway last weekend. It centered me immensely, and opened my mind and heart…. left me with a beautiful calmness …. and allowed me to grieve and accept.”

KCB, who was better able to come to terms with the loss of her mother

Coaching for Children

After a mindfulness program:
“I learnt how to focus, how to be calm, and to see and find value in people and things.”

Kartik Iyer, 10

Personal Coaching – Counselling

From a client who had been suicidal:
“You have brought me back from the brink.”

Personal Coaching – Counselling

After a powerful counselling session:
“I feel like you just lifted 40 bricks off my shoulders.”

Personal Coaching – Counselling

From a client who had struggled to cope for a long time:
“I learnt more in one session with you than I had in 4 years of counselling with other counsellors.”

Personal Coaching – Distance Reiki Healing

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great distance reiki session yesterday. As you correctly pointed out, I was pretty stressed but I found the session helpful and a great release. I spent the first few minutes wondering if anything was happening at all, but very quickly found doubts allayed by an overwhelming feeling of… Read more “Personal Coaching – Distance Reiki Healing”

Vivek Prakash



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