Support your well-being and growth with Reiki energy healing, meditation, personal or couples counselling, and personal development coaching to help you set and achieve your personal goals. Learn to live mindfully, with awareness and attention. You can also learn to be a Reiki practitioner, so that you can channel the healing and life-supporting Reiki energy to yourself and others as also to pets and plants.

Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness, Counselling, Coaching

  • Counselling – adults, children, couples
  • Coaching – adults
  • Meditation – adults, children, families
  • Mindfulness programs – children
  • Reiki sessions – adults, children (one-on-one)
  • Reiki courses – Levels 1, 2, 3; and Reiki Masters – conducted in small groups or one-on-one
  • Adults and young adults 16 years and up
    • Children 8-12
    • Children 12-15


Introduce mindfulness or meditation practice in your office to bring calmness and focus to the work-place, along with better interpersonal relationships, more considered decision-making and greater team bonding. Arrange a workshop or talk on Embracing Change to help staff improve their relationship with the very idea of change and support them as they learn to accept and manage changes in the work-place. Talks and workshops on ways to live mindfully, with awareness and attention, will help your staff find a better balance in their lives.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Embracing Change – talks, workshops, programs

  • Meditation program (6-12 sessions)
  • Workshop on Mindfulness, or some aspect of mindfulness
  • Workshop on Embracing Change
  • Talk on Meditation, Mindfulness or Change Management


Help students and teachers live with greater awareness and attention through programs, workshops or talks. Support children through mindfulness workshops or weekly classes that bring calmness, focus and the ability to better manage emotions. Help teens and pre-teens learn to make choices that are in their own best interest, based on an ability to see the larger picture, consider their longer-term well-being, and resist peer pressure. Help teachers and staff remain calm and centred through simple mindfulness practices so that they can enjoy the joys of mentoring children without any of the stress.

For children, teachers, staff – Living with Awareness, Finding Focus through Mindfulness, Making Conscious Choices. ​

  • Talks, Workshops and Programs on Mindfulness