Reiki 2 Online (Sept 23-25)

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For Level 1 Reiki healers: take your healing to the next level, both for yourself and others; send healing energy across any physical distance to help loved ones living far from you; do deeper emotional and mental clearing; cleanse home and office spaces; cleanse and energize your crystals within minutes; send the beautiful Reiki energy to your own goals; send energy to help several people at once; heal relationships and situations… The level 2 course will strengthen you Reiki healing and make it soooo much more flexible!


Upcoming Programs at Terataii

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Join a program to strengthen your physical, emotional and mental health; or introduce your child to the wonderful world of Reiki. “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured…” And what better way to nurture them than by signing them up for a Reiki class!
And for yourself:
Calm your mind with meditation and breath; and
Support your own health and that of your family with Reiki.