My first Reiki retreat!

I am so excited to be facilitating my very first retreat, in partnership with Subba Vaidyanathan, who is a wonderful meditation teacher and runs a peaceful and healthy retreat in a beautiful spot on the tropical Indonesian island of Bali.

I have been toying with the idea of a retreat for more than a year, but didn’t have the time, energy and confidence to organise one! And then, after a meditation I led for Subba’s group of regular practitioners, as Subba’s guest, he got in touch with me and suggested we run a retreat. In Bali!

I have, of course, run many Reiki courses over the years, in many places. I always try to make sure the energies surrounding us are positive, conducive to peace and a healing space. One memorable course took place in a beautiful home in Kashmir. But I have not so far been able to teach this fabulous energy-based healing modality surrounded by rain forest and paddy fields!

Not only that, but at this retreat, Subba will guide us through pranayama, yogic breathing techniques that so naturally lead us from the asanas to meditation.

I am really, really looking forward this Reiki and Pranayama retreat in beautiful Bali. I hope some of you will join us!

Reiki and Pranayama Retreat, Bali, 4-7 April 2019

You will learn:
  1. Reiki Level 1 (suitable for beginners). By the end of the retreat, you will be certified to practise hands-on Reiki for yourself, other people, pets and plants. Reiki heals, brings balance, strengthens. It promotes good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.
  2. How the chakra system operates.
  3. Attitudes that distinguish the most effective healers from others.
  4. Principles for living well.
You will experience:
  1. Four attunements to bring your energy centres into better balance
  2. The energies of the Balinese rainforest and rice paddies
You will practice:
  1. Self-healing (self-Reiki)
  2. Meditation and Visualisation
  3. Pranayama