Pamposh to Terataii – A Journey of Self-Awareness & Growth

My journey to Terataii started with a chance but dramatic encounter with Reiki and progressed quite naturally to add meditation, mindfulness, counselling and coaching to my life and work.

At the time, I was a journalist based in Hong Kong. My sister called me from Delhi to tell me my mother had been hospitalised with severe sciatica. She was unable to sit or stand. I flew to Delhi and found my mother completely prone in a hospital bed. The doctors said she needed surgery to enable her to sit, but she would not be able to stand even after the surgery.

While we were waiting for her surgery, someone suggested Reiki. This was the first time I heard the word. It sounded like hocus-pocus to me. But my mother said she would like to try it and a Reiki Master started to do distance healing for her.

In less than a week, with no other treatment except several sessions of Reiki, my mother was sitting, standing and walking – unaided! Her doctor said he had never seen anything like it and could offer no explanation for this astonishing recovery.

And that’s how I embarked on the journey that led me to become a Reiki Master, counsellor and meditation teacher. Or possibly the journey started much earlier, when my mother named me Pamposh, which means lotus in the Kashmiri language. Although I was born outside Kashmir, my name connected me to my roots. And to the personal growth that was to come slowly over the next few decades – like a lotus unfolding to reveal its full potential.

The lotus has great spiritual significance in the land of my birth, India, and the country I now call home, Singapore. It represents growth through the unfolding of the self, revealing the beauty and balance that lies deep within each of us. It is also deeply connected to nature. Rooted in the earth, the lotus rises up through water to reach towards the sky. closes its petal in the evening and opens up to the sun every morning.

It was perhaps inevitable that when I was ready to open my wholistic wellness centre I would choose a name that means lotus, this time in Malay, one of the languages spoken in Singapore. I had first come across the word when I was living in Indonesia and had loved it from the start. It was the first word that came to my mind when I decided to switch from journalism and public communication to wellness. In 2007, under the Terataii banner, I started a “weekend practice” of Reiki, meditation and counselling, while I was still working for the Asian Development Bank in Manila. The following year, I resigned from ADB to follow my passion full-time.

In 2010, I formally registered Terataii as a company in Singapore. At the Terataii Centre I strive to share what I have learnt with individual and corporate clients, through Reiki healing sessions, Reiki teachings, meditation classes, mindfulness programs for corporates and schools, couples counselling, and individual coaching to help you follow your dreams and passions.

In all my programs, I bring all of myself – everything I have learnt formally from others, and everything I have learnt from life, through my own experiences, and everything that I am today.

My formal learning includes:

  • a Masters in Counselling from the University of South Australia;
  • Reiki at all levels up to the final Reiki Master level;
  • meditation techniques learnt from several teachers in several traditions, including mindfulness, one-pointed meditation, Sahaj meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Zen meditation, and the meditations taught in the Art of Living courses.

Life learning comes from having lived in 10 cities on 3 continents, which taught me to accept cultural differences and know that, beneath those differences, we are simply human. It comes also from working as a journalist, public communication specialist, training coordinator, and gender specialist. It comes from interacting with my clients, most especially children.

With love and light,