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There is an old belief in India, that you spend the first half of your life focused on your education, family and job; and then you start to give back to society in some way. As I approached my 60th birthday – way past that half-way mark – I felt a strong urge to share what I have learnt from life so far. Although I continue to devote a large proportion of my time and energy to my business, I cannot deny this urge to share my learning and experience.

Living at Peace with Yourself and Your World

So in July this year, I started a new program, disseminated free over social media. I call this the Skillful Living program and it is designed to help people live a life of contentment, at peace with themselves and their external world. It brings together teachings and practices that come to us from several traditions, with a focus on those I myself understand best. This includes meditative and breath-focused practices, ancient Indian wisdom, Toltec wisdom from Central America and principles that Reiki healers live by.

Relationships, Work and – Yourself!

I hope the program will help those who are ready to transform the way they live, moving away from a life of stress and confusion to one of peace, joy and balance. I hope it will help them to find a blueprint for happy relationships, including that crucial relationship with their own deepest self. I believe it may help them to know how best to bring up their children, handle their jobs and reclaim power over their own lives.

My own Further Learning

Meanwhile, I am learning many new things myself, especially those to do with technology. It is great fun learning to do my own videos, design highly visual “cards” on canva and run a coordinated program entirely on social media! One of the first dilemmas I faced was whether or not to launch the program with only the most perfect “posts.” But I have never been a great fan of perfectionism! I like to get started with whatever I have, including my limited – though growing! – understanding of technology.

Message over Medium

I hope my viewers will focus on my message even as I put more of my energies into learning the skill of the “video selfie” and allow myself to become more comfortable in front of the camera.

It promises to be a fun ride!