Terataii in New York Times magazine

The New York Times Style magazine recently published an informative and interesting article on 3 healing modalities that have originated in Japan. Terataii Centre founder Pamposh Dhar is one of 3 practitioners featured in the article.

This is how the author describes her Reiki session with Pamposh:

“She first placed both hands on the sides of my skull and kept still. Gradually, an unusual, palpable warmth radiated from her hands. As she released her touch from one part of my body and graduated to another (I later understand that these points are where the main chakras reside within the human body), the distinct heat followed while her touch lingered where her hands once were. The realignment of energy from my head down to my toes sent soft, pulsating vibrations through my muscles, easing my body and mind into a borderline between a deep state of relaxation and meditation.”

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Japanese Self-Healing Methods to Lead Better Lives


Photo Credit: T Magazine Singapore