WomenLines features Terataii Founder as Guest Influencer

“Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Pamposh Dhar as the guest influencer. Pamposh is a mindfulness coach, Reiki Master and counsellor in Singapore, with expertise in working with children, offering corporate coaching programs, including mindfulness workshops and guided meditation sessions. This month Pamposh is sharing about her amazing experiences of miracles of Reiki.” – WomenLines Admin

An excerpt from the article:

I witnessed my first miracle as a healer quite by chance. I had just finished delivering a talk on Reiki when a young woman walked up to me and asked if I did distance healing. “Not professionally,” I told her, “because I want my clients to be sure I am doing what I am charging them for.” She got tearful as she told me her 19-month-old nephew had fallen, head first, on to a concrete surface from the second floor. The toddler was in intensive care but the doctors were not holding out much hope. Her sister was beside herself with worry, she said and asked if I could help her in some way even though mother and son were in the US. Of course, I could and I would. I would do Reiki for both of them. She looked doubtful when I said I would do Reiki for the boy too – but accepted.

I did Reiki intermittently through the night for both the boy and his mother. Next morning, I checked my email to find a note from the aunt saying the boy was out of intensive care and expected to make a full recovery. The next line in her email has become quite a familiar one over the years – the doctors were amazed at his recovery.

Since then, I have seen so many big and small miracles – and received some truly unexpected feedback too. One client says Reiki has nearly halved the number of cysts she had, another says it has helped him overcome an arhythmic heartbeat condition (PVC), a third says she is sleeping well for the first time in her life, and a fourth says Reiki has helped her regain the confidence to drive after several years!

There is no telling how the energy may help you – but help it will!

The Miracle of Reiki