Reiki Courses at Terataii

Reiki Courses at the Terataii Centre

Most courses are conducted in person, in Singapore. But courses at all level are also taught online.

The Teacher

All courses are taught by Reiki Master Pamposh Dhar. Pamposh teaches Reiki in the tradition set up by its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, adding to this her own learning in other traditions and her own experience. She has practised Reiki since 1999 and taught it since 2007. She is also a counsellor and coach; and a meditation guide and teacher.

Levels of Reiki Learning

  1. Level 1 – includes 4 attunements to re-align the student’s chakras; after the course, the student is able to do Reiki for herself/himself and others, as well as animals and plants.

3 sessions on 3 weekdays; or 2 longer sessions over a weekend.

  1. Level 2 – includes 3 new attunements; strengthens the ability to channel the energy; and adds great flexibility to the student’s practice, including distance Reiki, deeper Reiki emotional and mental healing, sending healing energy to several recipients at once; healing relationships and situations; cleansing and energizing crystals; cleansing and clearing space.

3 sessions on 3 weekdays; or 2 longer sessions over a weekend.

  1. Level 3 – Includes 3 fresh attunements. Pamposh imparts nearly all the teachings of the Reiki Master’s course at Level 3. This level once again strengthen’s the ability to channel the Reiki energy to oneself and others. It also guides the student to self-mastery and peace.

6 sessions over 6 or 7 weeks.

  1. Reiki Master’s Course – There are no more attunements at this stage, because these have been done at Level 3. This final course teaches the student to teach Reiki to others, focusing on attunements to be done at all 3 levels.

2 sessions over 2 days – a third session can be added if the student needs it.

Group classes are announced periodically on this website. Individual classes can be arranged upon request.






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