Wellness Strategies in Covid Times

Life has changed drastically over the past year and a half and we need to adapt to our changed – and still changing – circumstances in ways that allow us to continue to be physically, emotionally and mentally well. So the first wellness strategy we need is to accept what is — at least for now. Denial will not change your circumstances; it will only make you more vulnerable. A highly respected author refused to be vaccinated – he did not believe that Covid 19 was real. Well, of course, it is real, and as it happens he was infected. Fortunately, he recovered. I assume he believes in the reality of the virus now.

If you can make the world safer or nicer, please do so! We will all be grateful. But until you are able to do that, please accept that the world is a certain way right now. Good or bad, it is what it is.

Once having accepted that, we can look for ways to adapt to the “new normal” in ways that allow us to keep our balance and even to be happy. Do not insist on doing things in the old ways if those ways make you – or others – vulnerable to illness or mental strain. If you are being advised to wear a mask when you go out, please do so. If you are being offered online support, please accept it.

In my own work, I can see the difference in clients and students who are ready to adapt and those who are not. Those who do not adapt, risk illness for themselves and others because they insist on in-person sessions when remote/online sessions are equally effective; or, even when they are in need of help and support, they deny themselves what’s available because it is not given to them in the way they have been used to. I run a free weekly meditation session online – people join in from all over and end the session relaxed and refreshed. But others insist they will not use an online platform at any cost, even though they do want the guidance. Who misses out?

This post is really for those who can accept the reality of our changed circumstances and adapt to this new reality, until that reality changes again, either back to the way things way or to something else.

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